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The Grand Prix slate selection vote(s) that recently took place have been part of a passionate debate. The commentary is there for all to see on social media and the subject has most certainly been spoken of on many a run. Another statement was issued from the USATF-NE today (the first one came in between rounds of voting attempting to explain the need for the second vote). Here is an excerpt from the latest release:

“At the conclusion of the first election cycle on December 9, a record 487 legitimate votes were cast. Names and USATF numbers were checked against the national database names of current members to determine legitimacy. Results: 2a: Kuscsik: 181 votes (37%); 1a: DeMar: 160 votes (32%), 1b: Kelly: 96 votes (20%); 2b: Gibb: 50 votes (11%). While Kuscsik (37%) had the most votes by 5% as an individual slate, going by format, slates 1a and 1b had 52% and slates 2 a and b 48%. The Committee split on whether to go with the format winner, DeMar or the popular vote winner, Kuscsik. Going with Kuscsik still meant that 63% of the respondents voted against it (and 68% against DeMar).”

The statement in full can be read here. We suggest reading it so you get everything in the proper context. The above portion was selected for publishing here because it spoke right to the issue at hand.

What are your thoughts on the matter after reading this? Feel free to chime in on the comments section below.

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