Run With Ken…

Run With Ken twitter garmin…because he’s got the watch. Ken Skier came out of left field and won yesterday’s Garmin FR70 heart rate monitor. It almost seems too good to be true.  It’s all captured out there on the Twittersphere:

Yep, his only entry was asking how to enter. We replied, went to pick a winner, then replied again giving him the good news. Congrats Ken!

Both of the Garmins came courtesy of New England Running Company. If you’re not a Level subscriber, might as well sign up for your free subscription because this, like all of our contests, is open to subscribers only. Just use the box near the upper right hand side of the screen. Next up real soon is some Karhu/Craft gear, so keep a close eye on the Level.

Twitter: Level Renner  |  New England Running Co

Facebook: Level Renner  |  New England Running Co

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