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Welcome to 2014…with a blizzard. It’s a new year, and with it comes the promise of change. Change for the better. Improve upon what you started in years past. It can represent a previously unexplored path leading to a much more desirable future. That’s cool. For others it’s just another day. Just another year with just another number. That’s cool too. As long as you keep plugging away and working towards that better future, it’s all just means to an end. In flipping through pictures yesterday I came across this one from over the summer. The lush, green vegetation might seem an odd choice to feature as winter storm Ratingsgrab pummels the region, but the smooth clean path in a peaceful setting pictured here seemed very appropriate for what many have in mind as the calendar turns. We wish you all great success in 2014, and hope that we can be there to document and share it with the Legion!

On to the races! A couple of local races popped up on our radar yesterday…

Frosty Four

While some of us were still within the confines of a warm bed, Jordan Williamsz and Meagan Nedlo were out on the arctic tundra of Salem, MA putting their mark on the new year. Jordan took down local legend Nate Jenkins (the Bill Brasky of New England running?) in a pretty stacked field at the Wicked Frosty Four. Williamsz won with a blistering (and also frosty) 19:14, with Jenkins right behind him in 19:28. Meagan Nedlo dominated the women’s race and won it in 23:19. Great way to kick off the new year!

We wanted a sound bite from Meagan, but her vocal chords were frozen solid. Once Meagan’s hands defrosted, she was able to type a couple of thoughts on the race: “2013 was my shittiest running year in the history of earth, so it’s nice to start off 2014 on a positive note. I tried to smile when crossing the finish line but i’m pretty sure my face was frozen. Definitely the most clothing i’ve ever worn in a race.”

With gems like that, how is it that she doesn’t have way more Twitter followers?

Millennium Mile



Peter Najem and Dylan Lafond took it to the wire, with both men breaking the hallowed four minute barrier in this classic race. Peter broke the tape in 3:58.55 with Dylan right on his heels in 3:58.78. Wow. Christine Shaw went under five minutes (4:57.28) and won the women’s race. Christine also placed 34th overall out of the 1600 runners who lined up. Wow.

Video of the race can be seen here.

Hangover 5k & 10k Races

There’s been some controversy here. We thought it was Steve Dowsett who won the 5k in 17:19, but a local paper is reporting that his evil doppelgänger Scott was the one who won it. Alexa Pelletier was the top woman (and 4th overall) in 18:27. Matt Pelletier seemed to have exclusive rights to the Pelletier name at the top of race results, but will Matty P have to share the spotlight with Alexa P? Do people even call her that? She keeps winning, we’ll find out.

In the 10k it was Garry Cuneo and his 33:57 that took the title. He may or may not have been Boosting during the race. Amy Bernard won the women’s race in 38:25.




NYRR Midnight Run

The NYRR held their annual Midnight Run, and once again Tim Ritchie ran a heck of a race. In 2012 Tim ran an 18:54 only to finish second to Christian Thompson’s 18:49. This year Tim stepped it up and ran an 18:48…only to once again finish second, this time to Cole Atkins (18:45). It wasn’t for lack of trying:

After both men broke from the field in the second mile, it was Ritchie taking control of the pace. But, the 26-year-old Boston College alum couldn’t quite separate from Atkins.

Click on that link above to read the rest of the race write up. Amanda Winslow won the women’s race in 21:31 but Katrina Spratford of NE Distance wasn’t too far behind. The newest addition to the Woonsocket based training group ran an impressive 21:52. Just after Katrina came Jane Vongvorachoti of the CPTC in 22:04.

First Run

Finally we wrap this post up with something about a more recent New Year’s tradition: the First Run on the Boston Marathon course. It’s not an actual race, and if you’re up to the challenge, could be a heck of a way to ring in the New Year. It doesn’t cost anything and is open to all who want in on it. Of the event, Thor Kirleis said:

Courtesy of Reno Stirrat

“Another New Year, another First Run with the New Year’s Boston Marathon! Happy New Year. May the upcoming year be better and more rewarding than the last. If I can challenge you in one way, I’d say do something, be it a running event — perhaps a distance you’ve never thought possible — or something non-running, but pick something that is over your head, and then go get it. The psychological rewards are far greater when you achieve something greater than you even thought possible for yourself.”

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