Scott Mason Earns USATF Honor


Scott Mason, the genius behind Scott Mason Photo, was recognized by the USATF-NE for the amazing work he does behind the camera. Scott received the Marja Bakker Volunteer Award because of all the photography he’s done at races throughout the region.


Scott Mason with female athlete of the year nominee Sarah Prescott. Photo courtesy of Sarah.

Scott’s work has been everywhere, from the big time of Level Renner (magazine and the website) to other publications such as Runner’s World, Running Times, New England Runner and more.

The latest issue of Running Times featured a piece on the Mountain Goats of New England, and one epic shot of his made the piece pop. There for all to see on Upper Walking Boss is EJN. Only you can’t see EJN’s face. If you can recognize people from their posteriors then you’ll know it’s him. I don’t want to put words in his mouth, but I’m guessing that’s his Mona Lisa. It’s just another example of how widespread Scott’s work is.

Even the logo that represented the Level 10k was a Scott Mason masterpiece.

lrrr 10k logo
Congrats to Scott! It’s a well deserved honor, and we can’t thank him enough for all he’s done for us.

4 comments on “Scott Mason Earns USATF Honor

  1. R Leduc says:

    Surely you’re not saying that EJN’s posterior is wide spread!

  2. Muddy Puddun says:

    EJN may have a wide spread posterior. However the emphasis is definitely upon the fact that Scott Mason is the MAN when it comes to snapping up life’s moments behind the lens. Oh yeah, Scott was also really fast back in the day too—speedy and skilled with the camera!

  3. R Leduc says:

    Yes, agreed. My inner snark should not detract from the great photography. I don’t get to run in your territory often, but when I do, I buy Mr. Mason’s photos.

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