Fazioli, Willard Are Prep’d For Boston

With excitement building for Boston 2014, runners took to the streets of Derry, NH for the 19th annual Boston Prep 16 Miler. The cold temps (well below freezing with the wind chill) didn’t deter many as 500+ runners once again took to the frozen streets to test their mettle on the hilly course.

Samuel Fazioli of Salem, NH was the top dog on the day as he finished nearly a minute ahead of runner-up Christopher Kovalchick. Samuel ended up running a 1:37:05, which comes out to a 6:05 pace. Not too shabby for being out front…and in the cold…and on those hills. Rumor has it that Samuel will be suiting up for Whirlaway, if he isn’t already. From Sam himself:

“Well I went into the race taking it as a glorified hill workout and long run. Racing or pushing for a win weren’t really on my radar at all. The weather conditions were brutal and I think may have prevented most of the typical faster guys from coming out, which was lucky for me I guess.

I ran my first Boston in around 2:38 last year and I’m really shooting for a 2:35 this year – I’m still relatively new to the whole running/racing game and I’m trying to pick up as much experience and training as I can to keep improving each year. I’m really hoping that training and racing alongside more experienced runners will do me good and give me some direction – especially throughout the whole Grand Prix Series.

For the Boston Prep 16 I just tried to simulate my hopeful marathon and maintain somewhere between 5:50-6:00/mile pace. I was doing this well and it was fast enough to maintain a solid lead throughout the entire race. The wind really picked up after mile 11 which coincidentally is where the serious hills start up. That threw me off my pace plan for a mile or two, but I picked it right back up for the final 3 or so miles. Overall I was very happy with how the whole thing played out. I didn’t get hurt, I stayed warm (2-4 layers of clothing on each body part), I got a great workout in, I won a trophy that was also homemade maple syrup, and whenever conditions look cold and windy for a race I can now look back and say that they can’t be as bad as that one 16-miler I ran in 2014. That race is an awesome stepping stone on the way through Boston training. I’ll probably keep it in my plans for the coming years as well.”

For the ladies, it was Lindsay Willard. Who else? All she does is win. Lindsay covered the course in 1:46:41 and also had a nearly one minute lead over her nearest competition. Of the effort, Lindsay said:

“Our training schedule called for a long distance tempo run with hills, and this certainly fit the bill. We wanted to be working hard, but maintain a conversational pace. In the end it became a matter of surviving the cold and respecting the distance.”

Other notables on the day:


Christopher Smith - 1:43:12
Raelyn Crowell - 1:52:35


Dan Verrington - 1:45:35
Elizabeth Cooney - 2:12:16

Oh and it’s confirmed, Sam is a member of the Whirlaway squad now.

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