Heather Cappello Dominates Mixed Field

Cappello Neider Paddy

Heather in action at the Paddy Kelly race, courtesy of Melissa Neider.

Heather Cappello of the BAA didn’t just beat all of the other women at the Paddy Kelly Road Race. No, no, no. Heather beat everybody, and did it quite soundly. With a time of 27:24 for the five mile course, Heather was over a minute ahead of her next closest competitor. Dan Croteau came along in 28:29. Croteau ran a strong race of his own and was nearly thirty seconds up on the next guy.

Contrary to urban legend, Dan will not be called in front of some mysterious road racing council where he would be chastised for losing the race. Nor will his running shoes be taken away. It’s not about who didn’t win the race, it’s all about who won it. The winner today happened to be a very fast woman who showed everybody a side effect of her rigorous training: she can win a race outright.

Here’s a quick Q&A with the overall winner:

Is this your first overall win in a mixed field?

This is not my first overall win. I was the overall winner in the 2010 Genesis Battlegreen 10k in Lexington, MA.

Cappello Morton PaddyDo you ever take a look around at the start of other races and think ‘maybe I’ll take this whole damn thing’?

No, I always assume a guy will win.

Did you start the race conservatively to see if there’d be any competition, or did you just take off and run your own race?

I took off from the start and ran my own race. I hadn’t raced since November and wanted to get a hard effort in before competing in the USA 15k Championships in March.

Was there a little extra celebration when you crossed the line?

Yes, lots of people were surprised that I was the overall winner!

What are you training for now and how did this fit into your long term plan?

The Paddy Kelly was a tune-up race. I am training for the USA 15k National Championships in Jacksonville (March 15) where I will be a member of the BAA team. (Getting excited to see how we place against some of the top running teams in the US!) My long term plan is to get into shape to race a Fall marathon and run a qualifying time for the Olympic Trials.

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