Hogan Smashes Jones 10 Mile Record

Perhaps the only thing more surprising than Steve Dowsett’s spectacular beard on Sunday was Megan Hogan’s race. Hogan, a 26 yr old who made the long trek from Saratoga Springs, NY, crushed the old course record of 57:05 from ’86 (Nancy Conz). Although the course was altered slightly, but still, it’s an impressive time. Not only did she win, but Megan’s 55:28 was over four minutes ahead of second place (Erica Jesseman, 59:33) and good enough to put her in 32nd place overall. That is just an absolutely incredible performance in a Grand Prix event. Here’s our interview with the winner:

Apologies on the audio quality and the abruptness of the start. In the editing room I noticed that the main mic cable popped out just after the interview started. Had to cut the beginning completely, and then when the built in mic started to pick up the rest of the audio, the quality was garbage.

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