Anne London: LVL Legion Training Update

The Level Legion: A Quick Look into Training

Last we left the Level Legion: Boston Edition, the athletes were telling you a bit about why they are racing the Boston Marathon. Now, let’s take a look at how they are doing so far. We are 8 weeks away from the big day and everyone is well underway with their training. Each of our runners has a unique approach to training and our hope is that you can find some comfort and encouragement in their responses. We have here a quick check in on our runners’ general outlook on their training to date and a sample of what their weeks have been so far. Enjoy and keep up the good work, runners!

Boston Legion LondonAnne London

Taking a Minimal Approach

Training has been going well, I am just constantly nervous about not logging enough miles.  My highest mileage week has only been 23 miles…incredibly low for someone marathon training. However, when the long runs come along, I am running strong and pain free…so I am doing something right!  My daughter is (mostly) sleeping through the night, so my fatigue level isn’t too debilitating.  I am very nervous about running through snow, and HATE running in the cold, so that’s been tough.  Eager for the weather to take a turn so I can open up the legs and really run comfortably.  Keep reminding myself to not look at the pace and the watch - I am not going to run this marathon as fast as previous years, but that’s okay.

I think this is where I am going to separate from the other runners you are profiling.  I am taking a “minimal running” approach to this Boston, as opposed to Bostons of years past.  This year, I started running 6 weeks after the birth of my daughter (which was only 15 weeks ago) and I was 35 lbs over my optimal running weight!  To prevent orthopedic injury due to the A) excess weight and B) fact that I had to stop running in July due to a stress fracture (at 7 months pregnant), I have been taking it VERY easy.  I run Tuesdays and Thursdays (3-5 miles), and then a long run on Saturdays with the Marathon Strides Against MS Team.  Our longest completed run thus far has been 18 miles (with 19 scheduled for 2/22).  Mondays and Wednesdays I cross-train - elliptical, bike or stair machine.  Fridays and Sundays I take off.  Happy to say that I am only 9 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight, I hope to be there by race day!  Again, the goal of running this marathon is A) raise awareness for the MS Society,  B) not get hurt and C) have fun!

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