Jose Rivera: LVL Legion Training Update

The Level Legion: A Quick Look into Training

Last we left the Level Legion: Boston Edition, the athletes were telling you a bit about why they are racing the Boston Marathon. Now, let’s take a look at how they are doing so far. We are 8 weeks away from the big day and everyone is well underway with their training. Each of our runners has a unique approach to training and our hope is that you can find some comfort and encouragement in their responses. We have here a quick check in on our runners’ general outlook on their training to date and a sample of what their weeks have been so far. Enjoy and keep up the good work, runners!

Boston Legion RiveraJose Rivera

Boston Marathon 2014 will be my seventh marathon. In all my previous marathons, for the most part, I trained alone. This time around I have a great group that has been putting on the miles with me. One other from this group is also doing Boston, others are running different spring marathons, and the rest are running for the love of it! Our paces vary slightly, but where I might sacrifice in speed, I gain in learning how to pace myself and finish strong. Overall training this time around has been a great experience.

There was 19 miles scheduled for this past weekend’s long run. Ran with six others from the Tri-State Running group and ended up pulling off an easy 20 miler. On schedule for this week, but not set in stone as far as mileage and days, are two 5 milers, one of them being a speed workout and an 8 miler at marathon pace.

This upcoming weekend I will be running the Hyannis Half. [Editor’s note: we think racing is a key part of training, stay tuned for a race report. Jose finished the half in 1:36:22; great job!]

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