Johnson Captures Series Title

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Jim Johnson overcame a moment of pre-race panic to capture the 2014 Granite State Snowshoe Championship title. Jim would be upset if we didn’t remind everyone of this: he locked his keys in his car as he was about to go warm up. Along with the keys: his racing shoes, snowshoes, and bib number. PANIC!

Before any rash smashing was done, Scott Mason stepped up and worked some magic. Armed with a slimjim, years of knowledge from his work as a locksmith, and possibly some additional background from hours and hours of playing Grand Theft Auto, Scott was able to get Jim back into his car.

The race would end up going much more smoothly for Jim. Nacho Hernando tweaked his calf in the latter stages and struggled over the second half, allowing Johnson to pull away for the win. Jim crossed the line in 48:28 for 10k, with Nacho just behind in 50:51.

The win marked the 6th consecutive Granite State Snowshoe Series title for JJ. Dave Dunham was second and Ryan Welts was third. Dunham was also the masters champion. If Nacho runs a few more of the circuit races next year then he just might give Johnson a run for his money.

While we weren’t able to get race footage this time, we were lucky enough to get some first person video from Josh Fields. It’s a bit of a long clip, but if you scan through it you can get a sense of what it was like out on the trails. It’s interesting watching people pass on the single track portions.


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