J-Rip: “This Way to Boston”

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Our friends over at the Western Mass Distance Project are profiling a different member of their team every day as we get closer to the Boston Marathon. Yesterday’s profile was Jesse Regnier:

If there’s one runner you don’t want to be near as you turn left onto Boylston this Patriot’s Day, it is Jesse “J-Rip” Regnier.

Jesse skates into the 118th running of the BAA event with a marathon PR of 2:49:47 set at the doorstep of Hurricane Sandy on the shores of Cape Cod in October 2012, finishing with what many have dubbed “The Kick Heard Around the World”.

“Despite my training consisting mostly of push-ups, pull-ups, and flexing in the mirror while I say ‘This way to Boston’, I am ready to tear up Heartbreak.” 

Push-up, pull-up, tear-up is how J-Rip gets down. 

Here’s a little gem from our friends at Level Renner

Not only did they share our video, but they tagged us too. That just makes it easier for us to NOT miss it. We love that. Almost forgot about that video since it’s been quite a while since we posted it. It was exciting being there at that race watching Jesse close out so strongly, clearly giving it his all. Would love to see that on Boylston St too!

Check out the WMDP Facebook page so you can read all of their updates on the Wolves running Boston. Don’t know how the city will handle Wolves; we’ve only discussed how we’d handle coyotes so far.

Here’s a handy guide to the Wolves already in the spotlight:

Annie “The Prancing Pony” Paredes - 3/12
Matt “The Hitman” Geanacopoulos - 3/11
Vanessa “Billboards of Springfield” Diana - 3/7
Ivan “Bacon Time Yay” Cordero - 3/6
Kristin Tetrault - 3/5
Joseph “Notorious B.I.G.” Czupryna - 3/4

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