New Bedford Quick Reax

Congratulations to Ruben Sanca (65:51) and Kim Smith (71:08) for winning the 2014 New Bedford Half Marathon. Mike Galoob (70:45), whose hot streak continues won the masters division along with Kim Aguir (79:12) on the women’s side. 50+ awards went to Spyros Barres (75:01) and Maria Servin (88:41).

The team competition broke down this way: Western Mass Distance Project edged out the Boston Athletic Association in the men’s open while BAA open women also placed second to an unnamed team of women featuring Andrea Walkonen, Jodie Conway, Jenna Krajewski, Christine Irish, and Molly Rouillard.  In masters competition the BAA edged out Whirlaway on the men’s side for the win, and the Whirlaway women won.

Full NBHM results here.

Below are a bunch of videos we took during the race. Don’t worry, though, much more extensive coverage is coming soon.







One comment on “New Bedford Quick Reax

  1. Rich Paulasen says:

    gOOD Job, nice to look at.

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