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In case you were still hibernating in your cave last week… We have singlets for sale! For a limited time (until this Wednesday), you can order your very own Level Renner technical singlet. Use it for racing. Use it for training. Just get out there and show your allegiance to the Legion. Ordering is simple. Just CLICK HERE to fill out the order form and pay us $20 via our PayPal button.  Keep reading for new information about our women’s singlet.

level singlet 3.9.14

Our first ever Level Renner racing singlet is made of technical, moisture wicking 100% polyester fibers. In short, this racing singlet is top quality. The shirt is royal blue with orange lettering. The photo above is a prototype of the shirt. The actual one may differ slightly from the pictured model. We reserve the right to change the design at any time prior to printing to ensure it is as awesome as possible.  The photo below is to give a sense of how the women’s version of the singlet fits. Our distributor tells us that this image makes the piece look tighter than it actually is. The good news here is that these are not generic, unisex singlets. Men’s and women’s sizing is separate and ranges for XS-2XL.

The fit of the women's singlet.

The fit of the women’s singlet.

The cost is a flat fee of $20. Our intent will be to distribute them at local road races, but we will happily ship it to you if need be. We hope to have the singlets ready for distribution sometime in April.

Be fashion forward and get yours today!

Click the “Buy Now” button to purchase your Level Renner Singlet for $20.  All sales are final. No refunds.

 Note: You can pay first then fill out the order form or pay after filling out the order form.  Click here to be directed to the order form.

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