Millett’s Setting PR’s on the Way to Boston

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The Level Legion: Boston Marathon Edition

Four Weeks to Go: A Check on Training

The 118th Boston Marathon is now just under a month away. The Legion has been training through one of the toughest and coldest winters we have had in a long time. With Spring now officially here, though Winter not quite gone, training is starting to reach its peak. The Legion has run some great races, put in some solid long runs and have had some bumps along the way. This week we look at how things are going and what their weeks have been like at this high point. You can see we all are in this together but we all have different ways of getting there. Our hope is that you continue to be inspired and encouraged by the Legion and that four weeks from now we can share our common goals of being a part of this great event in whatever way we are able! Now, onto the logs:

Aly Millett

Aly likes to keep it simple, though there is nothing too simple about a 72 mile week in March, including a nice PR at the half-marathon. Keep up the good work!

Training recap week of 3/10

Total miles: 72.1

Monday: 10.3 miles easy, 730ish pace

**Tuesday:  Total miles: 17

5 mile warm-up to Reggie Lewis + 3.6 mile warm up with GBTC

Workout: 1 mile at 5:48, 400m jog rest, 3x (4×400) at 1:22 pace. 200m jog between each 400 and 400m jog after set. Followed 3 sets of 1 mile at 5:45. Easy 1.5 mile cool down.

Wednesday: Total miles: 6 easy around river at 730ish pace

Thursday: total miles: 6.5 easy on treadmill 8 min pace

Friday: total miles: 12.2 easy in Miami!

Saturday: total miles: 3 easy

Sunday: total miles: 17.1

2 mile warm up; New Bedford half marathon: 1:19:55; 2 mile cool down.

**I did this workout with a few of my teammates: Kerri Leonhardt, Nicole Casey, Hope Rantham (all training for Boston), and our miler Alyse Rocco. We went into it knowing it would be long but thinking the 400s would feel pretty easy considering the pace wasn’t too fast.

It may have been my 8+ mile warm-up, but the second 200 of the 4’s were much harder than I expected. My legs and feet were pretty achy the whole workout and it seemed comparative to the end of a 22-miler or even marathon race. Getting into the last mile interval, we thought it would be tough but also knew we would be slowing back down to 6min pace. It ended up feeling surprisingly great - went out in 45 for the first 200 and ended up going negative every lap to run 545ish. It was a great confidence booster knowing we only wanted to go out in 6 minutes for the upcoming half marathon on Sunday. A workout the week of the race may not directly impact fitness level on race day but it definitely gave us all the confidence to go hard into New Bedford. All four of us that ran this workout and at New Bedford had significant PRs on Sunday.

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