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The Level Legion: Boston Marathon Edition

Four Weeks to Go: A Check on Training

The 118th Boston Marathon is now just under a month away. The Legion has been training through one of the toughest and coldest winters we have had in a long time. With Spring now officially here, though Winter not quite gone, training is starting to reach its peak. The Legion has run some great races, put in some solid long runs and have had some bumps along the way. This week we look at how things are going and what their weeks have been like at this high point. You can see we all are in this together but we all have different ways of getting there. Our hope is that you continue to be inspired and encouraged by the Legion and that four weeks from now we can share our common goals of being a part of this great event in whatever way we are able! Now, onto the logs:

Anne London

The fact that Anne gets in any miles while taking care of her new baby is an inspiration to me and I hope to you all. She has been the testament to doing whatever it takes, but keeping a great balanced perspective on training vs real life. Thanks, Anne.

Training update: “If you don’t sleep enough, you’re not going to run well.”

This is what I’ve learned over the past two weeks during my training. I have been really struggling recently to get the mileage in due to being incredibly overtired. Little munchkin has had a bad head cold, so mommy has had late nights soothing a sick kid. This has translated into sick days for me and trying to catch up on sleep when I can…jogging when I have the energy.

I have managed to have some strong “long” runs on the weekends (13M and 16M), maybe due to the fact that my legs have been super fresh due to the reduced workouts during the week. I guess this is the “mini taper” before the big taper, right?

Still on track for my 21 miler this coming Saturday. I hope to have another strong training run (and to sneak in some REM cycles as well beforehand).

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