Not Your Average Bear

There was some pretty good running-related stuff floating around the web on April Fools Day this year. The Loon Mountain Race held onto one gem until Throwback Thursday (#TBT) came around:

Blake Yogi bear Loon Mountain

Before you start panicking and wondering how Eric Blake fought off the bears and went on to win the Mt Washington Road Race last year, just relax. The bears are photoshopped into the pic that we posted last year. It’s part of a compilation of Blake vs Bears that was inspired by the now famous Scott Mason shot of an actual bear out on the course as Eric ran up Upper Walking Boss a few years earlier.

Check out the Loon Mountain Race Facebook page. They do a good job of inserting stuff like this into their race info. Lots of solid work with the pictures! Especially enjoying the old-timey fight poster stuff, too.

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