BPA-Free Water Bottle for Runners

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Almost every hour nearly 250,000 plastic bottles are dumped. Plastic water bottles constitute close to 50% of the recyclable waste in landfills, and take close to 700 years to decompose. We all know of these problems, we’ve probably tried to recycle one way or another, but somehow, we keep falling into the same wasteful habit.

Jim McFarland, the father of a competitive volleyball player, came face to face with this problem at all of his daughter’s games and practices. He gained the motivation to explore other easy ways to prevent these athletes from contributing to these harsh statistics. Jim saw the need for a solution that keeps athletes healthy and hydrated, and isn’t harmful to the environment. His company, FLEXR Sport sells revolutionary BPA-free sports water bottles with the first disposable and fully biodegradable liner. It is fresh and clean every time you use it.

Used by countless runners and cyclists, FLEXR Sports bottles contain a number of unique features that are beneficial to endurance sports athletes:

  • Disposable fully biodegradable liner eliminates harmful bacteria or unpleasant aftertaste
  • No more water sloshing or annoying noise due to the biodegradable bottle liner which shrinks as the liquid is used
  • Flexible, squeezable and comfortable in the hand
  • Drink without tilting the bottle, making it much easier while running and biking
  • Patent pending one way jet stream valve for accurate and precise flow

Additional caps can be purchased without buying an entirely new bottle.

The inside of the bottle.

The inside of the bottle.

Jim’s unique bottle design allows users to have comfort, flexibility, and peace of mind knowing there are no toxins or harmful materials in the water they drink.

To learn more about the technology behind FLEXR Sports visit their website: http://www.flexrsports.com/


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