Uta Sets a New PR

jenkins utaFor those of you who aren’t connected to Nate Jenkins on Facebook (and those that just missed it), Nate shared a story about an epic run with Uta. Nate was still recovering from being quite sick and wasn’t exactly ready for the PR that Uta ended up dropping. No, it’s not Uta Pippig, but instead the beloved pet dog of Nate and his wife Melissa. She is a very appropriately named dog because like her namesake, Uta is a beast when it comes to running. There is an intense rivalry between the two, as is evident by the way Uta has her paw on Nate’s shoulder in the pic to the left in a classic “I own you” pose. Here’s Nate’s account of this blazing, rib cracking run:

When I run with Uta, my dog, I pretty much let her set the pace. Lately I have been quite sick but after Melissa made me get an antibiotic, my first not for surgery or a tick bit since 1997, I am starting to feel better but am still coughing a lot.

donais jenkins uta

Not fooling around at all, Uta can be seen here getting in some crucial core work.

This morning Uta and I set out and she was obviously a little excited about the sun and the birds or something and we hit the mile in 6:31, quick for a first mile for her but not unheard of, then she got going, 12:13 at 2 miles, a 5:42. She rocked us through the next half mile in 2:42 but settled as we turned around and I thought she was getting tired. We hit 3 miles in 17:41, a 5:38. To my surprise or was it horror Uta rallied at this point and on the strength of two long surges we got to 4 miles in 23:06, a 5:25.

Normally Uta likes to cruise in pretty easy on this particular run and she hits the breaks at about the same spot about 100 meters before the 4 mile mark but today she had other plans and we just kept on rolling. She took it a little easy on the two small uphills in the last mile (Uta mercifully does not like most uphills), but otherwise rocked the last mile before letting up to ease across the finish in 28:22, a 5:16 final mile. I promptly followed this up with an epic rib-cracking coughing fit that must have had our neighbors shaking their heads at the stupid sap running with his dog.

I don’t think they are entirely wrong but you can’t just wreck one of your training partners multi PR run because your a little under the weather. Even if that partner is a dog and has no use for or sense of time. She still loves to run fast and free and when the spirt hits her I feel obligated to oblige it.


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