Final Questions: Scott Graham

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Tim Ritchie fired off some final questions to the Level Legion: Boston Marathon Edition participants. Hay’s in the barn now. Nothing left to do but get rest, hydrate, and answer 8 questions…

Scott Graham

1. Best thing about the taper?
I really don’t like them. I’m grumpy, I’m tired, and I feel as though my fitness is slipping away.

2. Hardest thing about the taper? 
Watching what you eat. It is very easy to gain weight during this period. You mileage has gone down but it’s hard to stop eating like you’re still training.

3. Marathon Monday routine? 
I’ve been doing this for 28 years now so I think I have it down. For me it really starts the night before
A.  Drop my car off next to the Park Plaza hotel for after I finish and clean up at the GLRR rooms. That way Jill Trotter, Peter Floss and I can get out of town quick.
B.  Spend Sunday afternoon relaxing and set up all my stuff for the race.
C.  Sunday night prepare myself a meal of chicken and veggies.
D.  Spend 1 - 2 hours stretching on the floor while trying to mentally prepare myself (visualizing the race and breaking it down to manageable pieces).
E.  Get to bed by 9 PM
F  Wake up and do my normal personal hygiene routine
G.  Protein shake with banana’s, peanut butter and coconut oil
H.  Raisin Bagel with Peanut Butter
I.    Drive down to the corner store and buy a copy of the 3 news papers, Globe, Herald, and Lowell Sun
J.  Buy a Coke and a Gatorade.
K.  Get picked up by Jill or Peter and we head to the GLRR bus in Lowell

4. What will you tell yourself this week to mentally prepare you?

Stay within yourself. Don’t go out fast. Think Positive. Enjoy the race (never happens, it’s a RACE and it’s going to hurt like hell at some point).

5. What will you tell yourself throughout the race to make it to the finish?

My ride is at the finish line. I have to maintain the streak. Run for your family.

6. Final thought as the day approaches: 

To all those who are running this for the first time or the 47th time (that will be the new record)…YOU WILL DO THIS!!

7. What is your bib number?

9828…2nd wave (first time for that), 1st coral.

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