Level Legion at Sleepy Hollow

By now you’ve probably seen some of the Sleepy Hollow results and coverage. You might’ve also noticed the snappy Level Renner team singlets. Over the winter, EJN started racing in some branded racing gear and we started posting pics some of those action photos. Well, we also promised that as soon as we started getting more shots of different Level Legion members in Level gear, we’d stop posting EJN shots and show you more of the Legion. We’re happy to say those days have finally arrived!

Since this was the first big event featuring many runners in Level gear, we thought we’d give those Renners a shoutout:

Mike Quintal - 8th, 43:52

Mason Sleepy Hollow Quintal

Mike Galoob - 12th, 45:43

Mason Sleepy Hollow Galoob

Dave Dunham - 19th, 47:40

Mason Dunham Sleepy Hollow

Eric Narcisi - 35th, 51:49

Mason Sleepy Hollow Narcisi

Michael Narcisi - 42nd, 53:19

Mason Sleepy Hollow MJN Narcisi

Leslie Beckwith - 53, 55:20

Mason Sleepy Hollow Beckwith

All of these pics are courtesy of Scott Mason Photo (more from the race here), but you can also find some great shots of Level Legion and everyone else in action at snapACIDOTIC.

We can’t wait to feature some more Renners. Show us some Level love, and we’ll give it right back.

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