van Herp is Over the Moon

Bridget van Herp Beach to Beach

Bridget and her brother Kris at the 2014 Beach to Beach 5k.

We have another featured runner in the New England Running Company 2014 Road Race Series (sponsored by Brooks). This time we are thrusting Bridget van Herp into the bright Level Renner spotlight. The next race is Miles Over the Moon, a four mile evening affair in Salem, MA taking place on Friday July 11th at 8 pm. Bridget will be outfitted in some Brooks Nightlife gear so she will be hard to miss. Here’s a little Q&A with Bridget ahead of the race, and we’ll feature her in her own interview afterwards.

How many years have you been running for?

I’ve been running on and off since high school (15 years ago) but have been avidly running for the past year.

How many miles a week are you doing?

Bridget van Herp Run to Remember

Bridget at the Run to Remember. It looks like she might’ve been having a good time.

Around fifteen miles.

How often do you race?

Recently I’ve been doing races every 2-3 weeks.

Have you done any other races in this series? How did you do in them?

I have done all of them so far! I usually average 9:30-10 min miles for my races. I was actually late for the NERC 10 miler and ran/walked the first mile because I was so upset that I didn’t hear my alarm! I almost missed my chance at my Brooks jacket for the series!

Are you on a team?

I have a family team that consists of my brother, his wife and a few of her cousins called “Team Shannon.” We have done a few races together but I am not part of an official team. My brother and I always talk about joining one. Him and I run all races together.

What’s your goal for Miles Over the Moon?

My goal is to run it in 37 minutes. Now the pressure is on!!

Still time to register for this event.

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