Cranmore: Footage, Pics & Links

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Wrapping up our Cranmore Hill Climb coverage we’ve got our own race video, plus some helpful links to help you become fully informed on this mountain of a race.

As you probably already know, Jim Johnson (52:01) and Kim Nedeau (62:48) were the winners. Todd Callaghan (54:29) and Christin Doneski (67:03) were the top masters runners, both finishing third overall in their respective races (i.e. damn near beat most of the open runners even).

Dave Dunham, despite being in the midst of a booted three week break, still went out and walked the entirety of the course. At least we think he walked. Still thinking he somehow maneuvered the Elliptigo up the ski slope. It probably caught you off guard if you came around a corner and saw him standing there, cheering you on.

Here’s our race footage:

Links to prior race coverage:

Interview with winner Jim Johnson
Interview with winner Kim Nedeau
Interview with masters winner Christin Doneski

There are also an incredible amount of race photos up on the snapACIDOTIC site, available for free.

Finally, Joe Viger and Scott Mason were out there…

Here’s winner Jim Johnson, courtesy of Scott Mason Photo

And finally we have masters champ Todd Callaghan, courtesy of Joe Viger Photography

Joe and Scott support us here at the Level so please consider supporting them by purchasing a souvenir. These mountain photos make for much better race pics than anything you’ll get from an ordinary road race.

Lots of credit goes to MrsEJN for getting up real early and gutting out a long car ride just to hold a camera during an hour long race. Couldn’t have pulled off the coverage without her help (as is the case many times).

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