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Loeffler GMAA Labor Day 15k 8.31.2014 Kozlosky

Kim Loeffler charges towards the line as she wraps up her masters 15k title. Kim ran a 58:04. Photo courtesy of Krissy Kozlosky (and the feature image too).

It’s been a busy weekend on the Level. Drove up to South Burlington on Saturday to begin a weekend of camping, racing and reporting. The race was the GMAA Labor Day 15k, which also served as the USATF-NE 15k championships.

Camping, racing, reporting…that’s a lot to do, especially if camping doesn’t go well. The lousy site sold us wet wood on a dry night (the 1st night) and then we had dry wood on the wet night (the 2nd night). Go figure. The sites were crammed together and we had to set up our tent on a slope. Over the course of the night our sleeping bags slid several feet across the tent floor. Basically, no sleep was had by any.

Gutted through my race in about six minute pace, which isn’t bad because I’m pretty sure I ran a mile for every five minutes of sleep I got the previous night. After that I couldn’t help but shotgun the cider donuts, which proceeded to tear through my system at a 3:50 mile clip. I never thought I’d see the day that donuts moved faster than me. I guess them cider donuts got some wheels on ’em.

Back to the race, Ruben Sança out-dueled Nate Jenkins for the title. Ruben ran a 47:10 and led his Whirlaway men’s team to the title. Laura Paulsen of the GBTC won an even closer race, out-gunning a pack of Millennium women for the win in 55:48. That Millennium pack took the next four spots and the women’s title.

For this we got Ruben on camera afterwards, along with some footage from the finish line. For now, check out pics from Krissy Kozlosky.

Elsewhere in the region, Amos Sang got another win, this time at the Millennium Running’s 4th Annual NH 10 Miler. Sang covered the hilly course in a speedy 50’39″. Nineteen year old Melissa Murray of Newfields, NH was the women’s champ in 69: 52.6.

Jason Eddy added a 4th Acushnet Road Race title to his mantle. The former Bryant standout ran a 23:08 for 4.1 miles. Titus Mutinda was his closest competition, only 28 seconds back. No word yet on if Jay brought a goat to the starting line to intimidate Titus. Anne Preisig won another close one in 26:09. It was the second consecutive win for both Eddy and Preisig.

There were two races in Gloucester, MA today, so one could either go Around Cape Anne for 25k or Run the Goose for 7k. Francis Cusick (1:36:08) and Meagan Nedlo (1:41:30) elected to run around the cape, and both earned wins. Meagan damn near stole the whole show as she finished second overall. As far as the goose chasers go, TJ Peckham (27:00) and Mariah Tinger (31:15) earned the wins. Tinger pulled out the win running double duty too. Mariah finished 18th overall at the Labor Day 15k the day before (ran a 1:02:44). And, as far as we know, no geese were harmed in the running of this race.

Anything of note that we missed? Who deserves a shout out for a remarkable race this weekend?

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