5 People You Might (Literally) Run into on the Track

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Guest blog by Salty

Yeah, it’s fall! Is it just me or is fall the best season for running? All the great marathons happen in the fall (Boston, not withstanding). The heat of the summer is gone. The trails are strewn with beautiful leaves. And that cross-country smell is in the air. But one thing about the fall that might be kind of a pain in the you-know-what? All the people you meet in lane 1 at the local track.

And did I mention you’ll meet them as you’re flying around turns working your tail off trying to meet your workout goal times and they cannot take a hint and might not get out of your way even if you scream your face off warn them you’re coming.

And who might those people be? Read on!

1. A not-so-speedy speed-waking elderly man who pays his taxes and don’t you forget it, Missy! He doesn’t mind that he gets nailed with your snot rockets or almost gets mowed down every time your group track workout has to pass him on an interval. He pays taxes and is therefore entitled to that inside lane and he’s not moving no matter how many times he gets pelted by beads of your sweat.

2. Ladies and lattes (make that pumpkin spice lattes!) Nothing like a morning walk with a great girlfriend at the track. Lost in conversation they don’t realize that making you swing out to lane three to avoid a collision and third-degree coffee burns is a touch inconvenient for you.

NFL Football player Troy Smith drinking Gatora...

Troy Smith would like to introduce you all to his gatorade, Burt. He’s pleased to inform you that Burt has received a scholarship to a DI University based on his stellar skill of getting in your freakin’ way every Tuesday night this fall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. Prepubescent students with bad attitudes. Whether it’s the gum-chewing girls who respond to your warnings of “TRAAAAAACK!” with an eye roll and a snotty retort, “OMG. There are like other lanes” or the 11 year-old looking boy athletes who catcall you and ask for your number … in front of their adult coaches. I mean seriously? Is that even legal. How could adult coaches in charge of keeping these kids in line allow them to catcall women old enough to be their mothers or even grandmothers. Gross!

4. The tuba player. It’s always the tuba player. You hear that bass drum thumping and notice the majorettes filing out of the school and heading for the field for practice, but somehow as you pass the 300 meter mark, there’s Mr. Sousaphone blurting and blaring and IN. YOUR. WAY!

5. A football player’s gatorade. What? Yeah, that’s not actually a person but in the hierarchy of people entitled to occupy lane 1, the football coach and his clipboard, the players themselves, the table with their water cooler and a football player’s gatorade are above you, the lowly runner lady. Because football. Duh!

So readers. Tell us about your harrowing or friendly encounters in lane 1! TRAAAAAAACK!

About Salty: Mommy, lawyer, runner, writer. Competitive runner working on coming back after baby #3. Legal career on hiatus while staying home with the kids (ages 5, 4 and 1.5). Salty Running boss. Can be found at saltyrunning.com.

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One Response to 5 People You Might (Literally) Run into on the Track

  1. robert cipriano says:

    The Squadron of baby stroller pushing moms occupying lanes 1-2-3-4 at the Watertown HS track

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