Stirrat Back on the National Scene

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Reno fights his way to the line on a couple of ‘cement blocks’, courtesy of Juan Martinez.

Reno Stirrat was a fixture on the New England racing scene, along with his wife Susan, for many years. Both competed in the Whirlaway black and red and both were a force in their respective age groups. Earlier this year the power couple moved to New Jersey, and even with a new team and new surroundings, it’s more of the same for Reno. Here’s his race report from last Sunday’s USATF National Masters 5k Championship:

This was my first national race in 2 years. I missed all the excitement and build up leading up to the race and seeing some old friends and meeting some new friends. With all that going on I ran like a rookie all excited and went out to fast with a 5:34 first mile, which translated to a very tough last mile. Having teammates counting on me and wanting to finish in the top 3 age group there was no let up on that finish even if the legs were yelling and cement blocks.

Tom McCormack, 61, of Jonesborough, TN, ran the 5K in 16:58, improving by two seconds the men’s 60-64 year old U.S. record set by Jim O’Neill in 1986. Jan Holmquist, 70, of Burlington, MA, ran the 5K in 22:16, clipping 61 seconds from the previous women’s 70 to 74 year old world record, set by Marie-Louise Michelsohn at the Syracuse Festival of Races two years ago. Sabra Harvey, 65, of Houston, TX, ran the 5K in 20:27, breaking the previous women’s 65 to 69 year old world record of 21:16, which was set by Margret Betz at the Syracuse Festival of Races in 2001. Our Shore AC 60 team was not expected to make the podium in the predictions but we pulled the upset and got a solid 2nd place. The 70+ team also earned a 2nd place finish!

Reno, center, gets his hardware after the race.


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