1st Person Report: Chris Peguero

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Below is a first person biography of an inspiring Olympian. Enjoy!

The 2012 Olympics inspired something inside all athletes: the opportunity to represent their country in an international arena. I am no different. I’m 23-year-old Christopher Peguero, 400m hurdler and sprinter, and I’m ready to be a part of it all.
chris peguero 10.27.14I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and have been running track since high school. The energy of competing carried me through my college years where I made an impressive mark by becoming a conference all-star. Not only that, but I became a conference medallion throughout my entire college career at York College. After graduation, I found my way to the Central Park Track Club. I’ve managed to get my 400m sprint time to 49 seconds, and only need those final 2 shaved off to meet the national requirement.
Now I also face another major hurdle in achieving my dream: becoming a member of the Dominican Republic national track team. Achieving that ultimate dream starts with daily obstacles. By 6 am I am up to do a relatively long not only to keep my conditioning but to wake me up and to start my day. I will shower and then get ready for work. After that off to work I go. After work I head back on the track to start my main workout. This seems to be the hardest part as I finished running in the morning an am still tired from word, but I always remind myself that that with all accomplishment  must come sacrifice to do what others will admire but wouldn’t dare to do. After completing my main workout it will be followed every other day with the weight room working on my legs and arms
  My parents and grandparents were all born and raised in the Dominican Republic, so my roots strongly stem from there. I believe being on the team is a big accomplishment in itself, and I need to gain dual citizenship in order to make this happen. Luckily I already have met one requirement – having Dominican-born parents.
I am currently looking into the Pan American games during Summer 2015 and have already been in contact with the coach through email. I have received sponsorship from Coco Libre, ATP Extreme, Hylete and Braaap Nutrition and feel I am well on my way to achieving my dreams.
Growing up I did admire the times and performance of athletes such as Usain bolt and Michael Johnson but although they have inspired many and have paved the way for many athletes to do the same I couldn’t  connect to this story. Why because I was never the fastest or strongest a protégé or genetically gifted. I started off running 69 seconds in my first 400meter in high school. In high school super stars such as Usain Bolt were being scouted and labeled as the next big thing. Their story didn’t connect to me because I felt that although they worked extremely hard to accomplish genetics played a big part. I was never the fasted or strongest and I want to inspired younger generations that you don’t need to be “God Gifted” and that if you truly work hard anything is possible.
I know I can turn my ambitions into a reality. I have my sponsors, my family and my friends who all believe in my abilities. Most importantly, I have my determination and confidence to carry me through.
Follow my progress on Instagram at Christopher_Peguero.
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