Ayr and Vassallo Break Down Marathon Miscue

by Mike Giberti Comments (4) Articles, Racing

We now all know the story behind the Manchester Marathon. Poor course direction on behalf of the volunteers standing near mile 24 costed a clearly leading Jason Ayr his first marathon victory and possibly a PR. Dan Vassallo turned out as the unexpected winner and lead CMS to the USATF-NE title Western Mass likely got robbed of due to the missed turnaround. Leaving behind all the controversy, Ayr and Vassallo were great sportsmen about the whole situation. Us here on the LVL caught up with both of them as each presented his side of the tale:

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4 Responses to Ayr and Vassallo Break Down Marathon Miscue

  1. Jim Johnson says:

    Jason is a class act and was very graceful in the way he handled this… hopefully the race does the right thing and throws him first place prize money. On a side note, Dan has Philly Marathon in 3 weeks and then snowshoe season this winter….looking forward to seeing him out there in the Dions ;)…

  2. Brandon Newbould says:

    Agreed - Ayr has every right to be upset about the outcome on Sunday, his sportsmanship in the face of these circumstances is a credit to him. Anyone who was out there on Sunday knows that he was the strongest man on the course.

  3. Jason Ayr says:

    Jim, thank you. You guys ran a great race and I know I speak for all my teammates when I say it was a great competition and a pleasure doing business on the roads of Manch Vegas with y’all.

    Brandon, awesome and frequent crowd support! I appreciate the early race suggestion as well, haha.

    This cold and windy running stuff is for the birds. Back to the treadmill…

  4. John Mortimer says:

    I am impressed with how professionally these young athletes presented themselves under a difficult situation.

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