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To help inform USATF-NE voters, we’ve given each race a chance to state their case to the voters. This is their chance to sway any voters that may or may not be on the fence. All content was provided by each race, with only minor editing on our part (if needed).

Hello Level Renners!

The People‘s United Bank Vermont City Marathon is pleased to bid to be a part of the USATF-NE Grand Prix Series for 2015. We’ve worked hard over the last 26 years to produce a quality event and we’re confident that given the chance we will produce a marathon that meets the high standards that competitors should expect from the Grand Prix series.

Shot of the finish from the 2014 race, courtesy of Matt Benedetto.

Although we have not been a part of the series in the past, we have been the RRCA Vermont State Marathon Championship for many years and in 2014 we were elevated to RRCA Regional Marathon Championship. Our staff, Race Committee, and Board of Directors strive to bring something new to the table each year to improve the racer experience. In 2014 we added a Marathon Club Competition program with $1000 introductory prize money and if awarded a place in the 2015 Grand Prix we look to nearly triple the prize money pool available to the winning clubs. For individuals we offer approximately $15,000 prize money as well as performance bonuses for course records and for achieving the Olympic Trials standards. It has always been our goal to attract the top Regional talent as well as up and coming National class racers.

The VCM course has the potential to be quite fast. It is a net downhill of about 100’, all of which comes over the last 10 miles because at 15.3 you return to the start line. The course is a cloverleaf design, with a lucky four leafs, which keeps things interesting for racers while making it easy for your family and friends to see you multiple times without leaving downtown. There are only 2 hills of note, both rise about 85’. One comes at mile 8 and lasts ¾ of a mile, and the other is just before mile 15 and is 5 city blocks. The last 4.5 miles are flat on the bike path next to Lake Champlain. Statistically, in 2013 VCM was the 44th largest marathon in the USA yet only 21 marathons had faster winning times, only 17 had more sub 2:45 finishers, and only 15 had more sub 3:00 finishers.

For competitive runners, we try to make your start and finish as smooth as possible. At the start, in addition to our Invited Runner program which is targeted towards our top open and masters competitors, we offer a Preferred Start Corral for entrants with sub 3:20 marathon, sub 1:35 half marathon, or sub 43:00 10k credentials. The PSC usually contains about 400 starters-all cross the start line within 15 seconds of the horn and are able to lock into target pace right away. In 2014 we added a Club Start Corral in front of the General Start Corral for club runners who may be highly competitive but might not meet the requirements for the PSC. Our finish, in Waterfront Park, includes an area we call the Club and Charity Village where we encourage clubs to set up a tent and hang out after the race. This is a holiday weekend, no need to rush to leave the venue!

When we poll our runners about what they liked and didn’t like about VCM the #1 thing we hear on the LOVED IT side is the support the residents of Burlington bring to this event. It’s a small city, but we draw over 1700 volunteers to take care of you. And on race day you’ll see 25,000+ spectators who will pump you up. For those of us who live here, there are a handful of “can’t miss” events, VCM is certainly high on that list for anyone.

With our new title sponsor, People’s United Bank, we are entering into a new era for the Vermont City Marathon. It would be an honor to become part of the USATF-NE Grand Prix series and we would be grateful for your support.

For more info, check out:

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