Medeiros Wins Southeast MA Mile Beer title

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Outlasts Cole For the Win in a Tight Race

By Jim Dandeneau

Michael Medeiros, 31, an accomplished triathlete, won the 2014 Southeastern Massachusetts beer mile title in a time of 8:10.1 holding off the challenge of a determined Scott Cole, 45, by 8 tenths of a second. Medeiros, a WPI grad competing in his first beer mile, claimed this year’s Barley and Hops Cup for the win. “Man, that was fun, a great way to end the season. I can’t wait to try it again.’ noted Medeiros, who utilized 4 room temperature Narragansetts in claiming the top prize. “I heard him coming on the backstretch and had to really dig down” added Medeiros who stated he is going to try to get closer to the 7 minute barrier next year with practice. Cole, also competing in his first beer mile, stated he needs to learn how to chug a little faster. “I have to get better at chugging… I probably ran a bit faster than him but he had the advantage in downing the the 48 ounces” explained Cole, who chose to use bottled Narragansetts.”A lot of fun… cannot wait to do it again,” stated the runner up.

1. Michael Medeiros                       New Bedford            8:10.1
2. Scott Cole                                   Dartmouth                8:10.9
3. Ryan Powers                              Fairhaven                 8:38.2
4. Joe Botelho                                New Bedford             9:10.4
5. Kevin Silva                                 Dartmouth                 9:57.2
6. Fred Lima                                   Westport                   9:58.7

Since we’ll be at the first organized, publicized beer mile in the Boston area (that we know of at least) tonight, we thought we’d share with you coverage of one that took place back in September. According to Jim, no females finished so we didn’t just leave out the women’s coverage here. How will the ladies fare tonight in Cambridge? We shall see. It will also be interesting to see what the most popular beers are. This field seemed to like the Gansetts. Jim also added that nobody puked, which as you know means you’d have to do a race-breaking penalty lap. Lastly, our favorite quote from the video: “Hurry up and drink! I don’t have that much memory.”




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