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Some bad news to pass along during this otherwise festive holiday season: another track program has been cut. This time it’s the head Seahawks at the University of North Carolina Wilmington that are throwing their runners to the wolves.

On the chopping block are:

Outdoor Men’s Track & Field
Outdoor Women’s Track & Field
Indoor Women’s Track & Field
Men’s Cross Country

But hey, they have to make room for important stuff like…women’s sand volleyball. WTF? Yeah, that’s a sport that is steeped in tradition. From reading both the obligatory BS letter from the AD and then the letter from the parents of the affected athletes, it really sounds like the school just didn’t care about these programs. When the parents of the athletes are offering up their precious free time to spearhead fundraising initiatives to save the programs and the administration does no more than barely pay them lip service it’s tough to say otherwise.

Sadly we seem to hear news like this too often. UNCW is cutting it’s running programs, while one Robert Morris University in Chicago is adding eSports scholarships for video game athletics. Again…WTF? One Business Insider article on the subject even goes so far as to refer to these video gamers as athletes. Athletes?! I don’t even like referring to golfers as athletes, but now people using nothing more than their thumbs (or their arms when they take a Mountain Dew break) are being placed under the same umbrella as football, baseball and…track athletes? Oh man. The wussification of America is out of control right now.

Take some time and check out this online petition to help save the UNCW program:

At least the school will honor the scholarships for the athletes through graduation. Too bad it won’t help them finish their competitive collegiate career.

Thanks to Jason Ayr for the tip.

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