Snowshoe World Championship - Results

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Finally got a sniff of the results. This shot came courtesy of Stephanie Wilson.

Finally was able to track down results from those snowshoe world championship races held yesterday in Quebec. Check them out for yourselves, see how some familiar names did:

5k championship
10k championship

A couple of interesting things from the 10k race:

  • David Savard-Gagnon, the same Canadian runner who won the 2011 Baystate Marathon in 2:28, came in 5th overall (3rd Canadian).
  • Nacho Hernando-Angulo (whom we simply know as ‘Nacho’ or Nacho Herdando from local snowshoe races), came in 10th overall and was the top snowshoer from Spain.
  • There is a Matthieu Pelletier running snowshoe races in Canada and doing quite well. Le Matty P ran a 59:34 and finished 38th overall. How would he fare against our Matty P on the roads? How would Matty P do in a duel with his northern counterpart on snowshoes? We’ll be debating this for years. Maybe Bob Dion will throw down some snowshoe money to fund a one-off race between the two on neutral snow.

More on this to come later. There were a lot of locals racing and we’ll need to get the low down on how they all did.

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