Platinum is Tully’s Style

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Tully Hannan finished 7th at the Flo Beer Mile, even with his amazing 5:34. As excited as people were to participate in the 2014 Boston Beer Mile, in some ways people were even more excited to see how Tully would to in this more underground event. On the dark track on that cold night in December, Tully won it running away, pounding his Bud Light Platinums and clicking off his laps faster than anyone else there could. When the pile of cans settled, it was Tully standing atop the podium with his 5:31.

We had hoped to incorporate some quotes from Tully in our event write up but got enough from him for a standalone interview post. Here’s our Q&A with the best beer miler on the east coast.

How would you compare that one in the dark to the spectacle that was the Flotrack event? Which do you prefer?

1. Looking back on both experiences I would say they were completely different. Different venues, different people, but the same great atmosphere! The Flotrack event was a great way of providing the entire country/world with a glimpse of a niche sport. It was glamorous, fun, and a bit over the top! However, it was over the top in all the right ways. Flotrack hosted an incredible event that brought a bunch of like minded individuals from all across the world to have some fun and compete. I mean it doesn’t get much better than that. The Boston Beer Mile was like most other beer miles I have competed in. Except this was my first time actually running it on a track. I loved the dark atmosphere and the determination/spirit of the individuals who participated and spectated. It felt more natural. People were there to have a good time and watch a fun event. I think that the host did an awesome job. My only hope is that we can do it again during the day and not have to hide out from the “public”, i.e. the people who frown upon drinking or a good time for that matter. Both events were great, but any time you are catered upon I have to give them the nod. I think the Boston Beer Mile in the future will offer a great venue for locals, which is important!

What was your beer of choice for it?

2. My beer of choice was a bud light platinum. I can’t take the credit for this choice. Corey Gallagher - current world record holder in the beer mile in my eyes - imparted this beer choice to me. I must say it works well!

What are your thoughts on the 5th lap? If you’re already out drinking and socializing, why not head out to the bars to properly celebrate it, right?

3. I think the 5th lap is an essential part to the beer mile. I am a fan of a cool down beer and then celebrating with friends afterwards. I think an after party of sorts goes without saying. You’re there to provide people with a show. Whether it is running, drinking, or dare I say booting. I think my favorite part about the boston beer mile and the flotrack beer mile are the people that I met along the way. I made a good group of friends who all bonded over a similar experience. Life is to short to worry about the trivial PC things. I’d rather say I went out and did everything once than say I watched from the side lines. So here is to another beer, another lap, and another group of friends to be had!

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