Boston Legion: Ruben Sança

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Level Legion 2.0 - The 119th Boston Marathon

By Tim Ritchie

Last year we featured five athletes from our own community during their build-up to the 118th Boston Marathon. They shared with us their training, past experiences, fears, worries, excitement and thoughts during the final weeks before the race. This year we have found again a great representation of the New England running scene to inform, inspire and run alongside us. Today we introduce to you:


Mason Sança Boston Marathon

Ruben in action at the 2014 Boston Marathon, courtesy of Scott Mason.

Age: 28

Club: Brooks / Whirlaway Racing Team

Hometown: Lowell, MA

How did you get started in running?

Started running in 8th/9th grade to get in shape for soccer.

What has been your most memorable running experience?

Breaking 14 minutes in the 5000 meters in Boston. The race brought together a culmination of  preparation and execution that made me believe in my capabilities as a runner.

What does it mean to be a runner from New England?

There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears involved with handling challenging weather adversity in New England. However, there is a great supporting cast that respects and honors those in the sport.

Have you run the Boston Marathon before?

Yes, I’ve run one Boston Marathon, 2014.

Why did you choose to run the 119th Edition?

I went to high school in Boston and always felt that this is my “hometown” race.  It’s a challenging course but the crowd support is second to none.

What are your goals (broad or specific) for this year’s race?

My goal is to improve on my last year’s place. A top 15 place or a 2:15 time would be a dream come true. However, I’m not putting any limits on myself. I will be happy to execute the race to my fitness level.

What are you most excited about?

I’m most excited about racing some of the best marathoners in the world. My preparation is going well so far and I’d like to be the “local challenge” to the invited athletes.

What are you most nervous about?

The marathon is a long race and a lot can happen in between. Even with all preparations, you still need at least 1% luck. I feel nervous that the 1% luck is not be on my side on race day.

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