Prescott Reflects on Streak

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On February 22, Sarah Prescott ended her streak of consecutive USATF-NE GPS races, which lasted a fifteen years. She ended the streak on her own terms. We caught up with Prescott and asked her to contribute a few words about her incredible fifteen year odyessy. Her reflection is below.

The Streak
by Sarah Prescott

Prescott at the Rhody 5k. Photo by Scott Mason.

Don’t be sad… celebrate it!   Fifteen consecutive years (105 races) of USATF-New England Championship races!

I wasn’t willing to let go of it until I was completely comfortable in my own mind doing so… and that took a looooong time.

Why end the streak now?   There is no one reason but a combination of factors which finally made me feel okay to end it.   For example, since next behind me is a six consecutive year streak, I felt that my fifteen year record can stand for a while.

Also, I would not want to leave a series partially finished part way through the year.   Last year following my 100th consecutive USATF NE Championship at the New Bedford Half Marathon in March, I completed the rest of the five races in the series to make it an even fifteen years.

I had pushed for the 100th for several years and it was a tremendously gratifying honor.  It even brought my first appearance on a magazine cover… several additional magazine articles… a big cake… and Runner’s World interviewed me!  I achieved what I set out to do… now what?!?

Looking back, I remember that I used to LOVE the fun weekend surrounding the Cape Cod Marathon, which were 10 of my 15 USATF New England Marathon Championships.  Plus, how great to hang out with teammates and friends from other teams at the races?   So much fun sharing post-race stories and racing to the best of my ability.  It has felt so rewarding and “accomplished.”

I am so proud of the Whirlaway team and ridiculously honored to be a Whirlaway member.  The Whirlaway men and women are not just the most extraordinary runners, their character and kindness are also unbeatable. And of course Dave Kazanjian, the most giving and generous coach imaginable.  My caring friends and fellow runners from all of the different teams are extraordinary.  I am truly blessed.

I feel tremendous gratitude and appreciation and want to say “Thank You So Much!! ” to my awesome training friends and advisors, to Whirlaway coach Dave Kazanjian, Whirlaway teammates and so many fantastic USATF-NE runners and friends from other teams for helping me reach this!   Thank you all for being part of my journey to fifteen consecutive years of USATF-NE Championship races!

Editor’s note: We profiled Prescott in our May/June 2012 issue. To read that profile, click here.



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