Hightower Employing Bullying Tactics

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In this episode of USATF Presidents Say the Darnedest Things, we take a look at the latest abhorrent attempt at leadership by current USATF supreme commander president Stephanie Hightower.

As we learned from David Greifinger’s post last night, Stephanie penned a letter a to Tim Baker, the secretary of USATF’s Law & Legislation Committee. In it, she basically tries to bully Mr. Baker into following her lead. It’s really best to read this filth for yourself:

The most telling part of it is where Hightower states: “You are my appointee on my committee…”. Now it’s probably true that Baker is her appointee (we only say probably because we didn’t have time to check on it), but it in no way at all is her committee. She stole a line right out of Kim Jong Il’s playbook right there.

Not sure how Baker responded (or if he did), but what we do know is that Lionel Leach, the Chair of USATF’s Youth Athletics Committee, stuck up for Mr. Baker and sent a fiery response to Hightower:

  • USATF Leach Response to Hightower Letter Pg 1 03.09.2015
  • USATF Leach Response to Hightower Letter Pg 2 03.09.2015
  • USATF Leach Response to Hightower Letter Pg 3 03.09.2015

Not sure who may have been copied on each letter when they were originally sent. We did see a couple of comments alluding to them both being sent to all USATF members. That doesn’t quite make sense though because it doesn’t seem likely that Hightower would go out of her way to humiliate someone like that when her stock is so low, but then again…this is Hightower we’re talking about here. Also, we didn’t get the letters in our inboxes here so that casts further doubt on the mass mailing approach.

What do you think of all of this? It’d be nice to spend all of our time focusing on the positive and utilizing our resources to cover the races and athletes, like we love to do. But Hightower just keeps digging her hole even deeper. She’s really outdone herself this time.

Once again, thanks to David Greifinger for sharing this with concerned members.

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