Injured But Prepared, Willard Ready for Boston

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Level Legion 2.0 – Final Questions

The hay is in the barn, so to speak, so nothing left for our Level Legion athletes to do now but relax and survive the taper. While they’re relaxing, we figured it would be a good time to check in with them for some final thoughts before they get into their respective starting corrals.

Lindsay Willard

Best thing about taper?

Lindsay on her way to a win at the inaugural Level Renner 10k in 2013, courtesy of Scott Mason Photo.

Less laundry and getting home earlier.

Hardest thing about taper?

I always forget that it is normal to suddenly feel tired and lethargic, even with the reduced activity

Marathon Monday morning routine?

- 5:30am - alarm clock
- Coffee
- Jock-Jams playlist to get excited
- Re-check packed bag another 5 times
- Get into racing uniform and throw away clothes
- BodyGlide, BodyGlide, more BodyGlide
- Prep the perfect ponytail
- Pack a PB&J bagel, 4 Hammer Gels, SmartWater, Aleve
- 6:30am - Drive to Copley Square garage and drop off bag
- Call my parents for a “Good Luck” check-in
- 7:15am - Team bus to Hopkinton (headphones in)
- Athlete’s village, several bathroom stops, stretching
- 9:30am - Lots of hugs and head to the start corrals

Pre-race dinner?

Chicken parmesan and a lot of water + electrolytes

What will you tell yourself this week to mentally prepare?

It’s ok to be nervous, you are injured, but you ARE prepared.

What will you tell yourself throughout the race to make it to the finish?

You want to be here right now. This is Boston. This is what all the hard work was for. You know how amazing that finish line will feel.

Bib no and wave?

Bib # 1580, Wave 1, Coral 2

Any final words?

The more you try, the more you succeed. Keep going and keep your head high!

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