On a Tough Day, Sança Competed Well

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For Ruben Sança, the 2015 Boston Marathon was supposed to be a triumphant day. All the hard work and rigorous training had Ruben in a position where he in all likelihood would have eclipsed the IAAF marathon standard for the 2016 Olympics. The standard, which now sits at 2:17, would at least open the door to him competing in that event for his native Cape Verde.

Boston Marathon 4.20.2015 Germain Sança

Ruben in action at Boston, courtesy of Caitlyn Clark Photography (and SISU).

As has been told and retold many a time by now, the weather wasn’t favorable so times were slow across the board. Ruben still ran a heck of a race, as evident by his splits:

5k - 16:08
10k - 32:22 … 5:12 pace
15k - 48:42
20K - 1:05:20
Half - 1:08:59 … 5:15 pace
25k - 1:21:50
30k - 1:38:45 … 5:17 pace
35k - 1:56:04 … 5:20 pace
40k - 2:13:36 … 5:22 pace
Finish - 2:21:58 … 5:25 pace

Ruben finished 24th overall and 23rd in his division and was also the second New Englander across (Chris Zablocki was 20th). We should be getting a bigger final wrap up from Ruben regarding his whole Level Legion experience, but between now and then we reached out to him (while he’s on vacation in the Dominican Republic!) for a quick quote to share with all the eager renners in the area about his race:

“With the weather not being the best, I wanted to get into a pack and try to work together. First 10 miles the wind wasn’t so bad, but after that we were all in single file most of the way. It was tough to keep a good rhythm because of the wind. The most challenging part I believe was to keep a good momentum even though splits were getting slower and the same effort was there. I came away pleased with my performance because I felt that I competed well within others competitors around my range. The race could’ve gone in many ways with the weather but I was happy with how I handled the many adversities on race day.”

When asked about future racing plans, specifically if he’d try to turn it around quickly and utilize his current fitness at the coming USATF-NE championships at the Vermont City Marathon:

“I’m not racing Vermont. I will take a few more days before starting to get ready for the Grand Prix races. I will try to focus a hit more on shorter road races before deciding on a fall or spring marathon.”

More to come on this from Ruben and others!

Note: featured image attached to this post courtesy of Scott McGrath.
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