Cinco de Miles Was All Nacho

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Nacho for the win! Courtesy of Millennium Running.

Nacho Hernando is a fast guy. We’ve seen him drop some serious times on the roads and also on snowshoes. To think he cut nearly a minute off of his time in a 5k from this same time last year just seems ridiculous, but he did just that. At the 2014 Cinco de Miles race, Nacho ran a 15:47. This year, he ran a 14:51 and set a new PR. That’s a ridiculous drop and worthy of a Level interview:

What was your old PR?

My old PR was 15:10, which I ran at MIT three weeks ago. I wasn’t happy then because I wanted to be under 15 and what a better way that doing it on the roads at the Cinco de Miles. Even though my season finished 2 weeks ago it just wasn’t going to be over for me until today (that I broke 15).

What type of training did you do to get ready for this?

All I needed was a real training program which my teammate Devin Bennett made for me two weeks ago, with two speed workouts on the track and two tempo runs each.

Did you lead wire to wire or break it open at a certain point?

I took the lead from the beginning of the race to the end. I needed to be focused on my race so I made the move right from the start.

What were your splits?

My splits were 4:45- 4:50 then I didn’t get to see my watch for the 3 mile.

What’s next?

I am taking 10 days off to recover from all of the damage of the entire season so that I can get ready to train for my summer program for my fall season.

Congrats to Nacho on a heckuva cap to his 2015 spring season. Good luck to him as he rests up and then gears up for the summer/fall.

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