Macknight Eyeing OTQ at VCM

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One look at Eric Macknight’s resume (below) will tell you just how accomplished he is. Roads, trails, mountains or marathons, he has experienced success in them all. One challenge he has not taken on yet is the Vermont City Marathon. This is the first time running VCM for the Keene State alumn.

Macknight at the New Bedford Half Marathon, courtesy of Sisu/Caitlyn Clark Photography.

Town: Ballston Lake, NY
Originally from: Newtown, CT
College & Year: Keene State College, 2011
Occupation: Safety Engineer
Club Affiliation: Wild Endurance
Sponsors: LÄRABAR
Recent Race Highlights:

  • 2014 Brocktrot 10K 31:45
  • 2014 Stockade-athon 47:22
  • 2014 California International Marathon 2:22:46
  • 2015 Amherst 10 Miler 52:28
  • 2015 New Bedford Half Marathon 67:52

Marathon PR: 2:22:21 in 2013 at Hartford Marathon
Half Marathon PR: 67:41 in 2013 at Saratoga Palio Half Marathon
Other Racing Highlights:

  • Top 10 Finish @ 2013 U.S Mountain Championships
  • Top 10 Finish @ 2013 Mount Washington Road Race 67:37
  • Two time winner of the KSC Alumni Race (2013, 2014)

As you can tell from his highlights, Eric’s been running real well as of late. An Achilles scare forced him to check himself before he wrecked himself, but his cautious approach to it worked and he’s feeling good about his chances. Eric ran a 2:22:46 at CIM in December (a near PR for him) and is looking to expand on that success this spring.

You ran well at NB, even with the tough winter. Have you been able to keep the momentum going?

The momentum has definitely been there. I’ve been putting in some big mileage and focusing in on the long runs on the weekend. Logged a couple of 24 milers and a bunch more 20+ (which I haven’t really done before). A small hiccup with the Achilles forced me to take a down week, but I’ll take it as a blessing in disguise. It put me in check and let me know I’m still only human.

I was ready for a big PR at New Bedford, but the last 5k was a flop. Still happy with the results and a PR on the course.

Going through your highlights, it looks like 2013 was quite the year for you. Think you’re on your way to making 2015 even better?

I am looking at 2015 as a big year. VCM is my 1st spring marathon so it was definitely tough putting in more miles during the wintertime. Usually, I’m a little bit of a bum in the colder months. I stayed consistent with the miles even though probably about half of them were on a treadmill. But I am capitalizing on the CIM training cycle and have been rolling into this one.

How is it different coming off of the CIM training cycle?

I’ve never done back-to-back cycles for the marathon before.

There’s been talk of people doing a CA double in December: USATF XC Club Nationals in SF followed by the CIM a week later in Sacramento. Would you consider doing something as ballsy as that?

No, that sounds terrible.

What’s more important at VCM, time or place?

In the end, it’s always about time for me. If I can PR in the marathon, then it will be a good day. The B Standard is always on my mind, but I do enjoy the journey I am having getting there. Once it comes down to the last 10k and I know my time isn’t gonna be stellar, I am still gonna be racing to beat the other guys.

I mean…if it comes down to a kick between Matty P and I at the end for whatever place we are in. You know the wheels are coming out and he will be embarrassed for even showing up (I just gotta figure out a way to slow him down so we are neck and neck). Or if it’s below 50 degrees, it will be too cold for the New England native and he’ll freeze to death. I prey on the weak minded and weak hearted.

How will you attack the VCM course?

Not sure of the attack plan yet. It’s gonna be weather dependent. If I roll with some people at sub 2:20 pace for the first 10 or so then try to crank it down after Battery Park and hammer down through the neighborhoods for a faster finish, I’d be pretty happy with that.

As Matty P put it, it’s gonna be wicked awesome to be in Burlington on Memorial Day weekend! However the race turns out, I will be enjoying every minute of it.

If you had to choose between mountains and marathons, what would it be?

Right now marathons are my top priority. The mountains/trails are always fun but not my focus. But I haven’t done a mountain marathon yet and that sounds even more epic.

Although we’re looking forward to seeing how Eric does in Burlington, we can’t quite say that we ‘can’t wait for it’. After all, we are enjoying the Twitter battle between him and Matty P so we’ll be enjoying this lead up.VCM RVT_logo_horizontal_NEWcolor

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