Serafini Put the Big Squeeze on the Harpoon Field

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Louis Serafini came away with the win at the latest edition of the Annual Harpoon Brewery 5 Miler. The 23 year old Heartbreaker ran a 24:28 in the heat of the day and cruised to victory. Here’s a quick Q&A we did with the speedster who seems to be recovering from the Boston Marathon quite nicely. In case you somehow forgot, Louis ran a 2:27:37 at Boston on Patriots’ Day.

What type of effort was this?

It was a fairly relaxed effort. I just wanted to go out there and have some fun.

How’s Boston recovery?

Recovery from Boston has been excellent - It’s a been a process but each step has gone well.

What type of beer did you get as part of your winnings?

Harpoon IPA which is actually my favorite beer. I was sipping Big Squeeze all day after the race though!

Big Squeeze?

Yea it’s Harpoon’s Shandy. Wicked refreshing after a race.

I’m hooked on the Gansett Del’s Shandy myself, haha.

Yea. I’m normally not a Shandy guy but I’m hooked on this one for sure

Especially after a run on a hot day. So what are you looking at next?

Next up will be the Hollis 5k. Excited to get some solid training in before that.

How fast do you thin you can rock it in the “cliff dive” of a course?

I’ll have a better sense after I’ve done a few more workouts but if conditions are good and there are people to run with up front I think I can run in the low 14’s.

Afraid you might need to deploy some sort of parachute to stop?

I’ll probably just arrange for someone to catch me at the finish line. If I can’t find anyone to volunteer then yes - I suppose I will have to invest in some sort of parachute.

Haha, glad to see you’re planning ahead.

Glad to hear it’s a fast course. I’ve heard it is but have never run the race before.

I’ve never run it, too, but it’s point to point and all downhill so it’s debatable whether or not it’s an actual PR kind of course.

Yeaaa fair enough.

The Hollis Fast 5k is coming up. Can’t wait to see what types of times the field puts down for that one! And for the record, when we say “hooked” in regard to the beer above, it by no means suggests dependence on it. It’s just enjoyed in moderation after a run on a hot day.

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