Loon Coverage Trickling In

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The Loon Mt Race coverage is currently making its way up Upper Walking Boss, meaning we’re almost done but the going is slow. We have full interviews with winners Josh Ferenc and Kasie Enman up on our Facebook page, so check those. A full recap is in the works too, but we can share that Josh ran a 56:48 and Kasie ran a 1:03:55 for 6.5 miles.  There’s also a bunch of stuff on our Twitter feed from the race that went up quasi-live.

In the mean time we have a few cool shots from the photographers on the scene that we can share with you, although those full galleries aren’t quite done yet either. In no particular order:

Scott Mason Photo

There’s a SIX03 runner…making his way up the mountain!

Joe Viger Photography

Ferenc leads Justin Freeman (but trails Kelly) coming by the gondolas.


Alex Hall (Whirlaway) ran a 1:06:38.

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