USATF-NE 5 Mi Championship Elites

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Okay, so it’s just another Bobby Doyle Classic pre-race post. You got us. We couldn’t fool you with our title trickery. As a reward for you keen intellect, here’s an updated list of quick-footed runners appearing on the line tomorrow…



Brian Harvey - BAA
Brad Mish - BAA
Julian Saad - BAA
Dan Lowry - BAA
Dan Vassallo - CMS
Scott Leslie - CMS
Chris Mahoney - CMS
Eric Couture - GBTC
Chris Kibler - GBTC
Adrian Macdonald - GBTC
Jonathan Charlesworth - GBTC
Glarius Rop - RUN
Alex McGrath - Whirlaway
Scott McGrath - Whirlaway
Ruben Sança - Whirlaway
Jose Ortiz - Whirlaway
DJ Principe - La Salle Academy…yeah, he’s a high school kid. He’s going to beat a lot of open runners!


Heather Cappello - BAA
Kasie Enman - GMAA
Jennifer Mortimer - Millennium
Laura Hagley - Millennium
Stephanie Riley - RUN
Heather Mahoney - Whirlaway
Amy Bernard - Whirlaway
Larissa Park - Craft Concept Racing
Katrina Vassallo - Craft Concept Racing



Mike Galoob - BAA
Christopher Lawrence - BAA
Wayne Levy - BAA
Chris Magill - BAA
Jim Pawlicki - CMS
Greg Putnam - CMS
Dave Dunham - CMS
Dan Verrington - CMS
Binney Mitchell - GMAA
Jimmy Fallon - HFC
Joe Navas - Whirlaway
Michael Cooney - Whirlaway
Paul Hammond - Whirlaway


Mimi Fallon - BAA
Jackie Shakar - CSU
Regina Loiacano - CMS
Karin George - WMDP
Christin Doneksi - Whirlaway
Maria Servin - Whirlaway
Jan Holmquist - Whirlaway

Pretty damn comprehensive, especially considering I have to be on the road to get to the race in only 8.5 hrs. There’s also the initial preview we posted that included a couple of other names, like some collegiate runners. Check it out, and then tune in tomorrow morning while we light up the Twittersphere with live updates and 140 character worth of pure wit, the likes of which you’ve never seen.

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