Enman, Leslie Rule the Terrains…All of Them

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The 2015 USATF-NE All Terrain Series is finally in the books! The men had to go and make things extra interesting and drag out the excitement all the way through the end of the Seasons 20k. That’s right, it all came down to the wire with five guys in the mix right up until the bitter end.

Ryan Carrara made a late push, propelling himself from way back in 12th place all the way up to second. Second only to winner Scott Leslie.

Here’s what the final open standings looked like:

Scott Leslie - 478.22
Ryan Carrara - 471.54
Chris Mahoney - 469.43
Ethan Nedeau - 463.42
Alex Hall - 461.69

Leslie, Mahoney and Hall each completed the circuit and earned their ATR stripes (aka the series t-shirt). Here’s what the champ had to say about his feat:

The age groups looked like:

40-49: Ethan Nedeau (494.28)
50-59: Dan Verrington (482.48)
60+: Rich Paulsen (364.03)

We should note here that Verrington also attained All Terrain Runner status and earned himself a t-shirt, one that will be so cool that it can be worn at the movies and to black tie events.

Nedeau won a close one over Todd Callaghan, as Todd was the second masters runner with 485.06 points. It’s too bad for Todd especially since he also came in 6th overall in the series with 453.6 points, so he just missed out on cash in both categories.

As has been known for some time, Kasie Enman was the women’s champ in the series.

Kasie Enman - 496.74
Leslie O’Dell - 470.40
Jennifer Brooks - 447.77
Jennifer Rapaport - 424.03
Freddi Pare - 374.62

All top five finishers had 5 events under their belt, except for Freddi who had ran the whole circuit. Freddi is the only women to get All Terrain Runner status this year. Speaking of Freddi, she was also the masters division champion. In the masters scoring Freddi ended up with 428.23 points and ended up quite far ahead of runner up Kate Queeney. However…Kate only had scored in 4 events. If Kate can get in at least 5 next year then things will get a little more interesting. But Freddi was the one who conquered All Terrains this year and she was understandably quite excited about it:

After Freddi, the other age groups looked like this:

50-59: Jennifer Rapaport (492.29)
60+: Diane Levesque (426.36)

Like Freddi, Jennifer also did some double-dipping. Diane nearly got herself a t-shirt as well, but she only had competed in 6 of the 7 events.

Since it feels wrong to celebrate the champs without hearing from one of them, here is our interview with Kasie once again:

What will the 2016 All Terrain Series feature? We’ll have to wait to find out…

For now, we can add the names Leslie and Enman to list containing Jenkins and Doneski. Legends of All Terrain.

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