USATF-NE Annual Meeting This Sunday

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Are you going to the USATF-NE annual meeting?

Brush up on some of the hot items that’ll be up for discussion before you do, such as Amanda Wright’s proposal:

Proposal for USATF-NE Member Club Grants

I plan to make a proposal at the USATF-NE Annual Meeting on Sept 27th to distribute a program grant of $200,000.00 coming from the USATF-NE’s net assets and sub-divide the grant among its own member clubs in the form of smaller program grants. The division of the $200,000.00 program grant will depend on the proportion of membership each member club has as registered USATF members on the date of the annual meeting: Sunday, September 27th at 5:00 pm at Gosman Ctr Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. For example, Greater Lowell Road Runners has the most registered USATF-NE members of any club in our association; therefore, GLRR would receive the largest program grant of $12,882.85 (roughly).

Once again, we urge you to show up. Show up and let your voice be heard, whether you support this or not. Last year there were only like 45 people at the meeting, many of whom are regulars at these meetings. That’s great that they are regulars, but we need more regulars. The first step in becoming a ‘regular’ is showing up on Sunday. Who doesn’t want to be regular? Feel free to make your own jokes about that. We can share them on Sunday.

Click here for details on the meeting.

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