New England’s Finest

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The Hartford Marathon is fast approaching (Oct 10th), which also means that the 2015 edition of New England’s Finest has been unveiled.

Focusing on the marathon, the guys & gals are:

Pelletier Hartford Marathon Hartford Courant ScreenshotMatt Pelletier
Jonas Hampton
Tyler Andrews
Jared Burkick
Jerry Faulkner
Alex Leuchanku
Will Sanders
Scott Leslie
Sam Alexander
Jon Joyce
Michael Stadolnick

Erica Jesseman
Megan Hogan
Katie Edwards
Karen Bertasso
Denise Sandahl
Emily D’Addario
Megan Lout
Kasie Enman
Amber Sayer
Jessica Marlier
Jackie Baumgartner
Emma Spencer
Diane Senecal
Mary-Lynn Currier

Shout out to the good folk at New England Runner for coming up with this great program. There’s a whole lot more on each of these fine athletes in their latest issue (on newsstands now).

Two takeaways from this: 1.) no Eric Macknight, which means we won’t see a repeat of last year’s high entertaining pre-race banter between him and Matt Pelletier, and 2.) Sam Alexander is stepping up to the marathon.

Why are we so excited about this? It brings us all the way back to Sam’s chalkboard session after the 2013 Run for Kerri, where he explained the FarmStrong technique. Him and Chris Zablocki would toss around boulders, one of which was named Matt Pelletier, in an effort to get strong enough to take down Matty P. Whereas Chris and Matt have gone head to head in a marathon, it has yet to happen between Matt and Sam.

It looks like we’ll finally get our showdown! We should note that the two of them have been training together quite regularly. Who will come out on top?

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