My Greatest Run EVAH

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Who says running is boring. They just aren’t doing it right.

Guest post by Scott Graham

So, I’ve been sick with the flu since Wednesday. Every day was the same, fever, head aches, coughing and congestion. I felt like crap. Last night I see a post up on FB about a friend who wanted to do about 10 miles up on the trails of the Ossipee mtns. So I figured I’d give it a shot and try and blast the flu out of me with some hard trail running. We made a plan to meet at 7:30 at Castle in the Clouds parking lot.

Of course I show up 15 minutes early and I’m feeling bad but better than Saturday. OK, this may work. As I park the car I notice that the horses are roaming all over the place. There was a couple of rails down on the coral and they were just all over the place eating fresh grass. Strange. Soon Tami showed up and we were on our way. The plan was to run up to the top of Mt Roberts then run the ridge and come back down via a trail that has many switchbacks and is easy running. As we are climbing Tami says to me, “Hey I bet we’ll see a moose today”. Sure we will I’m thinking. So we climb for about 45 minutes and hit the top. We proceed to run on the ridge trail for another 2 or so miles and come to an area that Tami says is the perfect area to see moose. NOTHING. However I did notice that there was frost all over the place. So the temps dropped below freezing last night up on the ridge. So we continued until we needed to take a right to start heading down the mtn.

It would be another 4.8 miles to get down off the mtn so we just shifted it into an easy run and started down all the switchbacks. I was zoned in on making sure each step was perfect and keeping my head above my feet at all times. I was leading the way and then I hear…Sc..Sco…Sco….SCOTT MOOSE!!! Tami was yelling at me. I looked up and about 30 yards down the trail was a full grown moose heading in the same direction as us. Holy CRAP they are big. We stopped dead in out tracks and the moose just kept trotting along the trail then at the switchback turn just headed straight into the woods. COOL!!! How AWESOME is that?

My day was made but it wasn’t over we still had a couple miles left go to. We started our run again and were happily trotting along with me looking down at the ground again. Then I hear Tami starting to scream again, this time with not hesitation…SCOTT BEAR!!!. I look up and 20 yards down the trail and 5 steps off to the Left was a full grown black bear. We stopped dead in our tracks and the bear looked up at us. Tami turned around and started running the other direction. I started to join her and after a few yards we stopped and looked back. I then found a good sized branch as protection. Now that I think about this, the stick would have just pissed off the bear. At this point we were standing there checking out the bear checking out us. That’s when I got to use my favorite running line. I turned to Tami and said “Don’t worry I don’t have to out run the bear, I only have to out run you”. BOOOOYAAAAH!!!

We stood there and watched the bear for a couple minutes until it finally moved along. We continued our run and Tami told me to keep the stick just in case.

We finished up the 10+ mile run with out any other encounters with wild life.

And I got to use my favorite line about running for the FIRST time. What a run!!

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