Westover on the Comeback Trail

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Glavius or Glarius?

Rumors were flying over the weekend that scientists had successfully cloned Glarius Rop, allowing his fleet footed army to pillage and plunder a whole slate of races at a time. When Glavius Rop was reported as the winner of the Gregory E. Reeves Memorial Scholarship Run 4.6 Miler on Saturday, it seemed as if our worst fears were confirmed. But then reality set in and it seemed to be more of a data entry error than a clone conspiracy.

Kibler kept it close.

GlaRius ended up running a 23:27 and had a decent cushion over second place finisher Chris Kibler (GBTC). Chris ran a 23:56 and did a pretty good job of keeping it close considering he was basically in no man’s land. After the top two, there was nearly a three minute gap before third place came through. But it was after those top two where the women took over.

In third place was Heidi Westover in 26:56. Now there’s a name that we haven’t heard in a while! In a quick check on Athlinks, her most recent race results are from March of 2014 (Friends 4.5 Mile Road Race). Wherever she was, she’s back now apparently and back to her winning form.

She’s back!!!

Kara Haas was 5th in 27:21. As if we even need to mention this anymore, but Kara is a masters runner extraordinaire and she scored a top 5 overall finish. Impressive! Also shocking that another woman beat her, but Heidi is no pushover. Perhaps as a consolation, we can note that Kara was still the top overall masters runner for the race. In 6th place was Bead Fors in 27:35, who was the top male masters runner.

Top masters runner…again.

Rounding out the podium for the ladies was Heather Mahoney (Whirlaway), who came across in 28:36. Heather was 7th overall.

Bronze for Mahoney!

Strong showing by the ladies in Townsend, taking 3 of the top 7 spots and even getting an overall podium spot. Not too shabby, especially when you take a look at the names there at the top of the results.

Thanks to Chris Mahoney for taking these fantastic photographs during the race.


Since Heidi’s last race was a 4.5 miler, we thought she might only running races in the 4.x distance range. Maybe that’s a new trend we’re not aware of? But no, that would be weird. “No I had a hamstring issue and then I got pregnant with Calvin and I’m just getting back into it. He keeps me pretty busy but I look forward to racing again. I’ve missed it.”

Very happy to hear that she missed out on racing for very positive reasons (well, minus the hamstring issue). Here is perhaps the cutest photographic evidence for missed training that we’ve ever presented:

Look at that face! I bet the kid has some wheels already…

Congrats to Heidi and we wish her all the best in her comeback!


Thought this was too good not to include:

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