Public Meeting For Pedestrian Underpass at Anderson Memorial Bridge!

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Listen up Renners! An important message from the Charles River Conservancy:

We need you to attend this Thursday’s public meeting for the construction of a pedestrian/bicycle underpass at the Anderson Memorial Bridge!
6:00 PM - Thursday, October 22, 2015
Fiorentino Community Center, 123 Antwerp Street, Brighton MA

What will happen at this public meeting? There will be a presentation by MassDOT and its consultants, followed by a Q&A period for members of the public to make comments and ask questions.

Why should I attend? Having many people attend builds support for the project at MassDOT and among our elected officials. With the State’s limited financial resources and transportation challenges, projects like the underpass are more likely to be built if they have wide support.
How can I help during the public meeting? Just being there tells the state that this issue is important to you - bring friends and family who feel the same way! And if you’re comfortable, speak up to state your support for the project. Say why it is important to you - will you feel safer?
If I can’t attend this meeting, how can I help? You can send comments to [email protected].us. Be on the lookout on Friday for more information about this.
This underpass is a much-needed addition to the Dr. Paul Dudley White Bike Path. Why?
For pathway users - runners, pedestrians, and cyclists:
  • It improves safety by decreasing conflicts between path users and vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists going over Anderson Memorial Bridge.
  • It creates 2.5 miles of car-free, uninterrupted riverside pathway, a big step toward our vision of 7 miles of uninterrupted pathway.
  • It decreases numbers of path-users waiting to cross N. Harvard Street, freeing up sidewalk space for people trying to go over the bridge.
  • It encourages bike commuting and running by allowing more fluid passage for path users.
For drivers:
  • It decreases congestion for cars trying to go over the bridge.
  • It creates a safer driving route by decreasing conflicts with pedestrians and cyclists crossing the bridge.
Without this underpass, there will be no “Walk” light dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists crossing North Harvard Street - pedestrians and cyclists will always be in conflict with cars turning right off of the west-bound Soldier’s Field Road.
For another perspective, read Jon Puz’s letter to the editor in the Boston Globe outlining the benefits of this underpass.
Share this event with friends and family. Remember, just showing up at Thursday’s public meeting will send a big message to MassDOT! And check back in after the public meeting to learn more about sending in written comments.
The Underpasses Team at the Charles River Conservancy
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