The Temperature Game

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The weather is nearly the most talked about thing when it comes to running this weekend. The most annoying question to deal with: so are you going to run today? It’s a hassle just for having to deal with that alone. A simple rephrase, such as “So just how are you going to manage running this weekend?” would be enough to turn an annoying inquiry into a more thoughtful discussion.

Although it might seem like a minor difference to most, the latter demonstrates more familiarity with the person you’re talking to, along with an understanding that it’s never a question of ‘if‘ but more of a ‘how‘. Ultimately not a big…something right up there with ‘I can’t even drive that far in my car!

But I digress. The cold is here and we have to deal with it! It seems like such an outlier in comparison to the rest of the relatively mild winter we’ve dealt with so far this year, but looking back on last year it’s not so bad. If you recall, 2015 was the Year of the Vortex (also known as Year of the Unrelenting Blizzard, etc), so most of February was spent in a state of suspended animation.

Now the arctic air is making a triumphant return but fortunately for us it’s only a limited engagement. By now most of you have already put in your miles for the day ahead of the looming temperature drops, but tomorrow will be a whole different story.

So how will you deal with it? Check out these forecast snapshots:


On the bright side, Sunday is going to be so cold that Saturday appears to be warm just by comparison. When Sunday does roll around, the earlybirds will bear the brunt of it. But maybe we’ll all be waking up with Trials hangovers and not feeling up for a run so early anyway. It’s probably much safer to hit up the treadmill instead of going outside. But for many Sunday is long run day. Gotta wonder how many people switched their long runs to Saturday instead. But who wants to run 20 miles on a g-d treadmill?!

If you wait a little later, then it “warms up” and doesn’t appear to be as dangerous. It was tempting to toss out a ‘mileage vs temperature’ question, as in who’s mileage total would be higher than the temps when it’s -50 then it’s pretty easy to beat that number.

So how will you get it done on Sunday?

Oh, and that other topic dominating the conversation? That little race called the Olympic Trials Marathon. Good luck to all renners out there, especially those from our little corner of the map!

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