Good News for Charles River Underpasses

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Last week we let you know about the effort to persuade MassDOT to include costs for pedestrian underpasses along the Charles River paths in their budget, and we have an update with some potentially good news:

Last week, we asked you for your help to encourage MassDOT to include construction costs for the Anderson Memorial Bridge in their five-year Capital Investment Plan (CIP). All we can say now is THANK YOU!

Throughout the week, we saw 150 emailed comments, 30 petition signatures sent in, and 10 organizational letters submitted, totaling nearly 200 comments sent in!

This phenomenal show of support is sure to have an impact on MassDOT. We will update you when the next iteration of the Capital Investment Plan is released.
Thank you again for your support and outstanding response!

The Underpasses Team at the Charles River Conservancy

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